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Lastovo has always been, and still is, an imperial island, an oasis of nature, peace and tranquility. It is the most remote inhabited island in Croatia, with protected natural beauty that will take over your imagination and fill your time as much as you like. The island has a rich and tumultuous past, as it was exposed to constant changes in the world’s superpowers, but it has essentially built up and maintained it’s own secret power. The rich cultural heritage is an island symbol of the survival of Lastovo’s unique culture and its inhabitants. Lastovo is a world heritage site, which has evolved to the fullness of its beauty on a small island in the middle of the Adriatic Sea. It is a good fit with all the master builders of Lastovo’s cultural and architectural heritage, who learned their skills and have woven them into the natural surroundings. Due to its rich natural flora, Lastovo has always adorned the title “Green Island”. Another thing characteristic for the island is its relief, its hills and deep valleys and fertile fields. The natural shapes guard plants in the long dry summers without rain, that keep their yield and survival with morning dew. Mystical is the combination of nature and it’s gifts that intertwines with the tastes and smells of Lastovo’s traditional delicacies.

When you take a walk around the historic village of Lastovo, you will feel deep peace and tranquility that breathes through it, perhaps tired of all these centuries that have passed, but it is a clear message to you, our dear visitors, to stop and enjoy the silence, the wind, sun and sea.

Taste the flavours of Lastovo, which are offered through the traditional island cuisine. Lastovo is an island of special features, of rich and healthy food, out of which stand out excellent olive oil, excellent local wines and vegetables grown in the fertile fields of the Lastovo.

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Tastes of Lastovo

Traditionally grown, our family farm offers you everything Lastovo really is in its essence. So in your apartment, you can get fresh-picked fruits and vegetables, fragrant olive oil and wine that will make your holiday atmosphere completely different. If people do want to try the culinary arts, you can get advice, a recipe, as all these delicacies are simple and perfect for you to prepare in your apartment.

If you have the desire, you can join us in the field and we'll show you the treasure that can be picked in our field: fragrant tomatoes of Lastovo, of which you will long remember the taste. You can also take a walk through our olive groves which hide many interesting secrets.

Explore Lastovo

To explore the island Lastovo, take some time to walk through the interior of the island, ride a bike, climb the heights of surrounding hills from which a beautiful view streches, a view which you will surely treasure in your memory. The desire to encounter it again will surely bring you back to us once again.

Sunbathing in the most beautiful natural beaches in the world, the beaches that are a reflection of Lastovo wildlife, might surprise you at first. We know that you are accustomed to comfort, but comfort is something you can rarely find in the wilderness of Lastovo. Nature offers you the possibility to adjust, and the possibility to overcome barriers. You can experience this on the beaches of Lastovo. When you find your place under the sun that you really like, you will notice it is tailored according to your wishes.

If you want to cruise the blue sea waves, you can rent a boat and visit the Lastovo archipelago and enjoy a tour of small islands and coves.

The Hropić family accommodation

We offer you an experience of a different, more intimate holiday with the opportunity of socializing with people and nature, and adjusting your holiday completely to yourself. Take advantage of every moment of your holiday exactly as you want to. Upon your arrival, we offer you a "welcome lunch", presuming that you are hungry because the journey to Lastovo takes a long time.

Our house is located in the bay of Zaklopatica, in a sunny area, which is a bit isolated. If you want to spend your holiday surrounded by nature and wilderness, you can find it in the environment of our house. The house itself is not completely finished yet. Despite this, in it you will find modern apartments, which will fully meet your expectations. For lovers of sun and sea, swimming is immediately available on the shore in front of the house. Our house is situated on the very coast.

Lastovo carneval

How to reach us?

Zaklopatica Bay is located 10 km from the port of Ubli. On the way to the village of Lastovo, after 9km you will see a markation of the settlement Zaklopatice on your left. Make a turn here and drive another 2 km to the village. At the entrance of the bay, turn right and drive another 100m. This will locate you above the family house Hropić and your apartment. We also have secured a place for your car.

If you arrive on the island without your car, with an agreement, we can wait for you at the ferry port of Ubli.

Welcome to Zaklopatica

The Hropić apartments

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